Vacant Positions
Vacant Position - Drivers to support our Volunteer Taxi Scheme

Do you have a full driving licence and some time to spare?If so, then you could help provide a service to the community by becoming a volunteer driver.  Drivers must have full licence, a fully comprehensively insured car with correctly taxed, with a current MOT certificate and an agreement with their insurance company that the car be used as a volunteer taxi.  In order to comply with the scheme requirements, the driver may only receive expenses, which are no more than 37p a mile.  Mileage cannot be paid for waiting time.  Bookings are made via the Old School office to keep records of journeys made; this is partly for Inland Revenue purposes as there is a limit on how many miles the driver can do in a year without incurring a tax liability.
Call the Old School office to register.

Vacant Position - Helpers to support our weekend events

Would you like to earn some extra pocket money?
Maybe you're a student, at school, or retired? Perhaps you'd just like to occasionally earn a bit of extra cash?
  If you're fit and active, with a flair for party decorating, cooking or just plain potato peeling, we need you!
We are looking for to build a team of helpers who we call on from time to time to help with the preparation and clearing up after our weekend events.  This involves few hours work on a Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
If you are interested and  think you fit the bill, please phone the Old School office with your name and contact details and we'll be in touch.

Vacant Position - Host for a themed dinner evening

Do your talents extend to catering?
Do you enjoy doing dinner parties?
Would you like to host a themed dinner evening?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please contact us!  We're constantly looking for couples or even a groups of friends to take on the task of hosting one of our enormously successful Themed Dinners.  These dinners are usually held on the last Saturday of the month and are great fun to host.  We're open to any ideas - to give examples we've had the Casino in Las Vegas , with gaming tables and a buffet meal.
f you want to help with any of these, or have an idea of your own, then please contact the Old School office and leave your name and contact details and we'll be in touch.